• REF. 1615-1616

    Mixed Used Building and Plot in Central Location

2,964 m2 Land area 5,232 m2 Covered area
    Mixed Use For Sale

    Property Description

    The properties are located into Nicosia of the Municipality’s original development area the Parish of Tripiotis.

    Both properties could be placed into the elite of plots of development in Nicosia, because they are situated onto junction of Makariou Avenue, Griva Digeni Avenue and Spyros Kyprianou Avenue.

    The properties are approximately 900 meters northwest of the "The landmark" hotel, approximately 550 meters south of “Eleftheria” Square which has update the business center of the city and approximately 1.7 kilometers from the Presidential Palace.

    The subject area is mainly characterised by shops, restaurants, schools, banks, gym, supermarkets and almost every type of service. The immediate area has started to show some signs of growth especially with the construction of a multi-storey building consists of apartments and restaurants.

    The property with Ref. no 1615 has a total frontage of about 171 meters and the property with Ref. no 1616 has a total frontage of about 31 meters.

    The buildings erected around 1974 to 1980.

    The plots have a large development potential and they fall into the projects for “Incentive for Development into the Center of the Town”.

    The property with Reference number 1615 and Reg. No 25/3807 is a plot with building and parking area.

    The building consists of the ground floor which is divided into three sections: the cosmetics section, the supermarket and their office space. The cosmetics department has two entrances, two elevators, escalator, staircase and consists of an undivided supermarket area. The supermarket consists of three product corridors, refrigerators, kitchenette and four cash registers. It also has an entrance. The office department consists of three offices, a restroom, two elevators and product loading and unloading area.

    The basement consists of two parts: supermarket storage space with cold storage spaces and single sales area product display (clothing) and fitting rooms.

    The first floor consists of open space for product display, fitting rooms and toilets (men and women) and a server room.

    The second floor consists of three sections: the restaurant / cafeteria, staff area and refrigeration area. The restaurant consists of open plan dining area, kitchen, storage, cashier, cafeteria and toilets for men and women. The staff area consists of women’s locker room, men’s locker room, cleaner’s storage room, meeting room and a kitchen.

    The building has the following areas:

    Land area: 2,438 sq.m.

    Ground floor: 1,107 sq.m.

    Basement: 1,072 sq.m.

    1st floor: 1,072sq.m.

    2nd floor: Restaurant: 575sq.m.

    Refrigerator storage: 134sq.m.

    The property with Reference number 1616 and Reg. No 25/4337 is a plot with building.

    The building consists of a ground floor with a mezzanine (open space store) and two floors with a total of three apartments.

    The property is currently rented.

    The building has the following areas:

    Land area: 526 sq.m.

    Store area: 325 sq.m.

    North 2nd floor apartment: Cl. Area: 87sq.m. / Cov. Ver .: 10 sq.m.

    South 2nd floor apartment: Cl. Area: 137 sq.m. / Cov. Ver .: 15 sq.m.

    3rd floor: Cl. Area: 197 sq.m. / Cov. Ver .: 53 sq.m.

    The properties are currently rented.
    THE PRICE MAY BE SUBJECT TO VAT. For more information please contact us.

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    Property Details

    • Type: Mixed Use
    • Total Plot Size: 2,964 m2
    • Covered Area: 5,232 m2
    • Covered Verandas: 78 m2

    Property Location

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    REF. 1615-1616